Metallic copper or silver sintering

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Metallic sintering with copper or silver pastes has proven to be a highly reliable alternative to soldering. Especially the pressure-assisted sintering process delivers superior results in regards to cycle times, application temperature and lifetime, compared to soft soldering. However, in order to achieve a reliable connection, a pressure-force of 10 to 30 MPa is required. Moreover, a precise temperature control and clean surfaces are mandatory for a high-quality sinter joint.

We offer advanced silver and copper sintering training opportunities with a holistic view on the sintering line, as well as workshops dealing with and boundary conditions, such as material quality.

Possible training and project contents:

  • Suitable-for-production product design for sintering processes
  • Development of temperature and pressure profiles
  • Typical faults during drying, printing and sintering
  • Temperature and pressure measurement techniques, as well as sources of errors
  • Influence of previous processes on sintering
  • Material quality, tools and system checks with rapid testing functions
  • Identification of save process windows
  • Transfer of laboratory processes to mass production
  • Introduction of inline measurements and statistical process controls
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Articles about copper and silver sintering:

  • Aaron Hutzler will be speaking about soldering and sintering in controlled atmospheres at the ISAPP Conference in Osaka, Japan, focussing on the use of hydrogen atmospheres in combination with vacuum. ...

  • Metallic sintering with silver or copper pastes to attach semiconductor dies, baseplates or coolers has replaced conventional soldering techniques within high-temperature applications. Devices with special requirements regarding lifetime and reliability include the sintering interconnects as well. For a better understanding of the sintering process, the comparison with baking is suitable. The preparation of the paste, the temperature and processing is quite similar to baking a pizza or a sandwich. ...

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