Metallic copper or silver sintering

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Metallic sintering with copper or silver pastes has proven to be a highly reliable alternative to soldering. Especially the pressure-assisted sintering process delivers superior results in regards to cycle times, application temperature and lifetime, compared to soft soldering. However, in order to achieve a reliable connection, a pressure-force of 10 to 30 MPa is required. Moreover, a precise temperature control and clean surfaces are mandatory for a high-quality sinter joint.

We offer advanced silver and copper sintering training opportunities with a holistic view on the sintering line, as well as workshops dealing with and boundary conditions, such as material quality.

Possible training and project contents:

  • Suitable-for-production product design for sintering processes
  • Development of temperature and pressure profiles
  • Typical faults during drying, printing and sintering
  • Temperature and pressure measurement techniques, as well as sources of errors
  • Influence of previous processes on sintering
  • Material quality, tools and system checks with rapid testing functions
  • Identification of save process windows
  • Transfer of laboratory processes to mass production
  • Introduction of inline measurements and statistical process controls
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Articles about copper and silver sintering:

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