Our solutions for your success!

Our consulting services cover the entire product life cycle of electronic devices and systems.

Fast troubleshooting for manufacturing losses and downtimes as well as quality issues

  • We provide training that turns you and your team into flux-free vacuum soldering and sintering experts.
  • Our quick and sustainable troubleshooting will help you in case of emergency.
  • Together we focus on a holistic analysis of your assembly line and the interdependence between individual processes and materials.
  • You benefit from our support with technical issues, as well as with reports for your customers.
  • Our knowledge transfer, will enable you and your in-house team to recognize and fix complex faults.

Continuous improvement of soldering and sintering assembly lines

  • In cooperation with your team, we increase the throughput, effectivity and quality of your production line.
  • We enable you to decrease costs through a holistic analysis of your supply chain and manufacturing processes: From the supplier, to individual process steps, as well as the relevant lifetime test.
  • Achieve a higher performance of your production by combining product and process knowledge with industry 4.0 concepts.
  • After the actions you can offer your customers outstanding products at a more attractive price.

Research and development of sintered- and soldered products

  • We provide support with the development of new electronic products, electronics packaging and the respective manufacturing processes.
  • For you and your team we offer training and workshops dealing with effective and efficient laboratory work.
  • We enable you to become the expert in using statistical methods.
  • Using forward-looking strategies such as a manufacturing specific design or the early creation of lifetime models will become second nature to you.