Slotnozzle Cu Sintering Paste Dispensing

Presentation about large area sintering and slot nozzle dispensing at FED Conference

Slotnozzle Cu Sintering Paste Dispensing

Dr. Aaron Hutzler, Managing of Bond Pulse GmbH will present the latest process developments on large area sintering with copper and silver sintering paste in combination with slot nozzle dispensing. The study was done together with Tresky GmbH in Berlin within the project

The presentation includes

  • Motivation for automotive customers
  • Reason for slot nozzle dispensing and Ag/Cu sintering
  • How to deal with warpage of discrete devices and PCBs
  • Sintering: Wet vs. Dry process
  • Slot nozzle dispensing
  • Component drying
  • Sintering of PCBs and discretes


The presentation will be at the FED Conference in Augsburg, Germany on September 20, 4.15pm.

Further information, as well as the conference agenda can be found here:

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