Fast Troubleshooting for Production Downtimes and Quality Issues

production troubleshooting

Troubleshooting as a mutual effort:

  • We improve your solder and sinter lines, with a holistic approach of your entire manufacturing process in mind.
  • We optimize your cycle time, increase your yield and improve quality by analyzing the individual processes and their interdependencies. In order to do this, we develop solutions that can be quickly implemented.
  • We perform all of these services in close collaboration with your in-house engineers. Moreover, we aim to ensure that these actions have a sustainable effect and thus train and coach your employees after the troubleshooting.


  • Rapid tests to inspect material quality, tools and equipment
  • Support of your production personnel and analysis of the processes
  • Optimization of relevant parameters
  • Identification of safe process windows through design of experiments and evaluation
  • Implementation of the measures in cooperation with your engineers
  • Training your employees to eliminate typical production failures
  • Implementation of statistical process controls (SPC)

Project Phases


Identification of your expectations and objectives

Estimation of effort

Preparation of an individual offer based on your expectations and objectives

Kick-off Workshop

We discuss the detailed approach for the project and start with the first classification of the production processes


Troubleshooting of production issues in cooperation with your in-house engineers. Depending on the severity of the issue, t he duration may range from a few days to several weeks or months.

Intermediate results

Preliminary examination of the actions’ success after a few days. If necessary, adjustments to the project plan are made

Presentation of results

Joint evaluation of the project’s success You receive a project report as well as further recommendations.

Follow-up actions

Development of follow-up actions to sustain quality and process stability

Verification of the success

Assessment of actions after a few weeks. Fine tuning where required.

Do you have further questions regarding production troubleshooting? Do not hesitate to contact us!