Manufacturing Improvement

Reduce costs and improve quality:

  • The focus is on the continuous improvement of your production in order to increase quality and reduce costs.
  • In collaboration with your engineers we achieve a more effective utilization of your production lines.
  • We take a closer look at the entire supply chain: From your supplier, to your production processes and even the customer’s application of your product.
  • We complement your engineers’ knowledge with data-mining and big-data tools, and thus, successfully implement new industry standards.
  • Through our support you will benefit from smooth commencements of production or introduction of new processes, so that production issues will not come up at all.

The practical actions include:

  • Support in the early stages of the process: With the selection of new equipment and the implementation of new processes
  • Information about typical failures during the soldering or sintering process and how to prevent them
  • Identification of save process windows for critical parameters in a joint effort with your personnel
  • Development of solutions for handling process and material quality deviations
  • Training regarding the structured gathering and analysis of your production dataand how to derive concrete measures from these data
  • Development of customized training concepts for your production staff
  • Implementation of essential process controls lifetime tests

Our approach:

 In close collaboration with your team we analyse your production. This includes:

Quality inspection

Quality assessment of supplied goods

Interconnect device, material, surfaces, packaging

Material storage

Storage conditions, shelf life, handling

Evaluation of your production

Equipment, material flow, clean room conditions

sintering line

Process chain analysis

Cycle times, temperature, process parameters, boundary conditions, testing

Further processing

End-testing, packaging, delivery

Flux-free vacuum soldering

vacuum soldering

At paste-free soldering with formic acid or hydrogen and preforms we evaluate the following process steps of your production:

  • Cutting, pick & place of preforms
  • Mounting of substrates, semiconductor chips, soldering fixtures and jigs
  • Application of adhesive agents
  • Manual process steps such as assembly of soldering jigs and fixtures
  • The soldering process itself: temperatures, atmospheres, holding times, heating and cooling ramps, temperature distribution, etc.
  • Follow up processes: further soldering, wire bonding, molding

Copper or silver sintering

sintering line

For the mass production of electronic devices by metallic silver or copper sintering our focus is on:

  • Print and application of the sinter paste
  • Drying and handling of pastes
  • Die placement on components and sinter preforms
  • The sintering process (itself): Temperatures, duration, pressure, atmospheres, temperature- and force-distribution, etc.
  • Follow up processes: further sintering, copper wire bonding, molding

Do you have further questions regarding production improvement? Do not hesitate to contact us!