PCIM Seminar: Flux free soldering and pressure sintering


Bond Pulse managing director Dr. Aaron Hutzler will give a seminar on power electronics manufacturing with the focus on flux-free soldering with formic acid and hydrogen as well as pressure sintering during the PCIM Europe Conference 2024.

Date: 10.06.2024 – 1.30pm to 5pm
Location: Arvena Park Hotel Nuremberg, Germany
Program: Seminar 20
Language: English

Agenda Sintering

  1. Motivation for Sintering
  2. Sintering materials
  3. Wet and Dry Sintering Processes
  4. Large area sintering
  5. Sintering machines
  6. How to select a sinter paste
  7. Common mistakes and how to prevent them


Agenda Soldering

  1. Motivation for preform soldering
  2. Soldering techniques: conduction, convection, radiation
  3. Formic acid soldering
  4. Hydrogen soldering
  5. Conduction + convection soldering machines
  6. Soldering process improvements
  7. Material quality & influences
  8. Material handling


About PCIM

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