Vacuum soldering

vacuum soldering

Flux-free vacuum soldering with preforms is very unique compared to conventional soldering techniques with paste. A set of completely different parameters must be considered for the development of soldering profiles. As the removal of contaminations is severely limited at flux-free soldering, the material quality of the components is crucial. Mostly, formic acid, hydrogen, forming gas or plasma is used to reduce surface oxides.

We offer advanced vacuum soldering training courses, which will enable engineers to develop more robust soldering processes in a shorter amount of time.

Possible training and project contents:

  • Development of flux-free soldering profiles
  • Typical faults that arise during soldering and temperature profiling
  • Temperature measurement techniques and sources of errors
  • Influence of previous processes on the paste-free soldering
  • Material quality check, soldering jigs and fixtures, as well as systems with rapid testing functions
  • Identification of save process windows
  • Transfer of laboratory processes to mass production
  • Introduction of inline measurements and statistical process control
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Articles about flux-free soldering:

  • In our previous article we discussed that paste-free (flux-free) soldering is like cooking. You need the best ingredients and equipment to achieve great results. In this article, the main influences on quality of the soldering results are described. Nowadays, the flux-free soldering process is an established, high-quality alternative to conventional paste soldering. ...

  • Over the last 20 years, flux-free and paste-free vacuum soldering with preforms and formic acid has gained high importance for electronics packaging. Especially for big area solder joints within power modules for electric cars, this soldering technology can achieve void rates below 1%. This would not be possible with conventional paste soldering. However, the flux-free soldering technique has higher requirements on the material quality. To give a better understanding, this article uses award winning cuisine by way of example....

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