Lifetime modeling

lifetime modeling

Three aspects are crucial for reliability and lifetime modeling: a clear objective, preliminary test planning and sample size estimation. Considering all of these aspects will save you time and money.

We offer advanced training courses covering reliability and lifetime modeling. Our focus is on electronic systems and devices. Reliability and lifetime concepts include the development of models, the testing itself and the application of statistical tools. The practical application of reliability and lifetime models in your research, development and production phases is of utmost importance to us.

Possible training and project contents:

  • Verification of test stations for reliability and lifetime tests
  • Planning, performance and analysis of tests
  • Estimation of the required sample size by means of statistical methods
  • Translation of customer requests into a testing strategy
  • Influence of manufacturing parameters on the product lifetime
  • How to use FIT-rates
  • Creating lifetime models
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Stages of reliability testing


Reliability and lifetime tests should be included into the process as early as during the research of new technologies, material or concepts. The understanding of the physics of failure is particularly important for later stages in the process.


During the development phase, lifetime models that were generated during the research phase are compared to application-oriented tests. Both analytical approaches, as well as FEM calculations are performed. Moreover, typical distributions for the failure modes are determined.


During the production phase, lifetime testing results are used to fine-tune models with field data. Calculations that originated during the development phase aid with troubleshooting. This is also where the physics of failure from the research phase come into play, as these are compared with field returns.

Articles about lifetime modeling:

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