New training: Process development for flux-free vacuum soldering

Flux-free soldering with formic acid or hydrogen makes high demands on material quality, process temperatures and atmospheres. In order to reduce development time and costs, we offer a three-day seminar on process development for vacuum soldering.

In this training you will learn the basics and requirements of the vacuum soldering process which will be illustrated and documented using practical examples. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to apply your newly acquired knowledge in the laboratory or in a production environment. Our course leaders will be available to assist you, helping you to accelerate your learning curve and developing successful processes.

The theory includes:

  • Advantages of process development for flux-less vacuum soldering
  • Necessary preparations prior to process development
  • Quality requirements for the process and the products
  • Selection of solder alloys
  • Effective temperatures of reducing agents
  • Process development steps
  • Inspection of incoming goods: testing material quality
  • Development of soldering fixtures and profiles
  • Wetting tests
  • Soldering tests
  • Determination of process windows
  • Process control and big data approaches
  • Common errors and how to avoid them

Soldering under reducing atmosphere


Day 1:

  • Introduction and theory: quality requirements and process preparation
  • Running tests on the production plant and application of the theory

Day 2:

  • Theory: quality testing and profiling
  • Performing and evaluating quality tests and soldering trials

Day 3:

  • Process development, DOEs and process control
  • Performing soldering tests and introducing process controls

The seminar can either be held in our training laboratory in Berlin or at your own premises. Maximum number of participants: 8

Target group: shift managers, process engineers, quality engineers, procurement engineers, team leaders, task forces

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