Data science

Data science for production processes

Data science is an extension of conventional statistical methods with algorithms. Its objective is to gather and utilize new information from big volumes of data. We focus on data from production lines and from lifetime test measuring systems.

Our consulting and training services aim to reduce costs and improve quality of manufacturing systems. Another goal of these joint projects is the reduction of test time during lifetime tests and other measurements systems. Moreover, we assist you with collecting, structuring and analyzing relevant data.

Possible training and project contents:

  • Big data and data mining 101
  • Structured data acquisition
  • Evaluation: Understanding data and their correlation , processing data and assessing them
  • Data mining algorithms vs. neuronal networks (artificial intelligence)
  • Big data within your production: Analyzing return on investment
  • Collecting and assessing big volumes of data
  • Developing actions based on data analysis
  • Developing machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence concepts
seminars for data science

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