Pick and place machine (P&P)

Refers to a system that picks semiconductors, preforms, soldering fixtures or other parts from a carrier and places them in a defined position in a product carrier. In this way, components are pre-assembled automatically. Important parameters of pick and place machines are speed and positioning accuracy. Furthermore, the camera system and the size of the field of view are decisive for referencing.

Pick-and-place machines for SMD components are usually designed for high speeds and multiple placement heads, while higher placement accuracy, higher forces and special functions are required for power electronics.

Many placement machines also have the option of dispensing or jetting pastes or liquids. This also includes the mixing of two- or multi-component adhesives.

A heated pick tool and a heating plate for the products are also required for sintering or hot placement. In addition, a force of 10…30 kg is required to attach the components to the desired placement location.

Heating and pressure are also necessary for the eutectic thermocompression bonding of gold-tin solders. Other functions of pick and place machines can be vibration joining (scrubbing) or ultrasonic bonding.

Die bonder, Chip bonder
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