Applied statistics

Your benefit is at the forefront of our statistics workshops. We aim to enable you to reach your goals faster and at lower cost by applying statistical methods. For this reason, the workshops follow a practical approach with plenty of case studies. You will learn how to use your technical knowledge more effectively by combining it with statistical tools. We show you how pragmatism and statistics can be combined. After the training you will be able to transfer the new skills to your own production.

Our seminars are targeted towards the electronics industry. The seminars encompass topics that are relevant to research, development and the production of electronic devices and deal with both the product itself, as well as the production process. You will benefit from our expertise in electronic packaging and statistical lifetime and reliability analysis.

Possible training and project contents:

  • A picture is worth a 1,000 statistical tests: learn how to analyze data by using graphics.
  • Use hypothesis testing to estimate the required number of samples for testing
  • Root cause analysis: Using statistical methods (i.e. correlation, regression or variance analysis) to confirm your gut feeling, as well as identify previously unknown coherences
  • The mother of all experiments: Determine the best parameters for your product or process by applying design of experiments
  • Use measurement system analysis (MSA) to evaluate if your test site works accurately and delivers reproducible results
  • Capability analysis: Demonstrate that your systems CmK and processes Cpk are working
  • How to use statistical process controls to recognize immediately if your process is drifting or shows deviations
  • Rate the robustness of your layout by using FIT-rates (failure in time)
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Articles about applied statistics:

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